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Our lives have been drastically changed with the ever changing pace of the world. One of  the things that we have embraced in our daily existence is the use of social media. We are living in an era of growing dependence on technology which propelled the existence of the internet benefitting us in so many ways.  However, along with it are the downsides that changed our ways of communication and socialization.

The advantages of social media include faster communication, getting reconnected with long lost friends and having access to news reports and trending topics. Everybody is familiar with facebook, twitter and instagram to name a few. Using them opened us to a portal of  ease in reaching out to anybody like using messanger applications and being able to express our opinions by posting them on facebook and twitter. You cant miss any breaking news in lieu of television or  newspaper when all you have to do is open a news site in your mobile phones or tablets. 

While we are gratified at the comfort of social media has done to our lives, we have become entirely reliant on all these things than in the past. These days you will see people hooked to their mobile phones oblivious  of the people around them. Many became glued to their virtual world with less human interaction. It is also evident that in some instances social media can trick gullible people into believing distorted facts or informations.